Let's Write Your Book!

Everyone has a story in them - I can help you get that book out of you.

Depending on how confident you are about writing (or how much you like sitting in a quiet room cursing at a keyboard), you may decide you want any or all of the following services: 

Ghostwriting - You have the expertise and/or the story, but you don't enjoy (or have time for) wrangling  words, sentences, paragraphs and chapters. I will work with you on an interactive basis to make sure your story and ideas come out the way you would have written them if you had written them.

Editing - You wrote a first draft and it's a good one! But nobody gets it right in their first draft, so you need an editor. I am an expert reader who understands how a book works, knows when your book is working and when it's not, and can suggest and/or do repairs on the bits that need them. 

Coaching - You want to write a book, but you're not quite sure how to go about it. I will walk you through the process from analyzing your audience to outlining your book to getting all your ideas on paper.

Email me at brobinson@brscribe.com and let's set up a time to talk about your book.